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Is it possible to MacBook Power Jack Repair in Brooklyn, NY? It is, and we can offer you a free consultation. What’s the issue? It appears that some jackpots have been popping up on Craigslist and eBay. With the surge of consumers purchasing their MacBook laptops online, many stores have popped up along the way advertising to sell them, for a fraction of the price!

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As usual, the only problem is that these aren’t the genuine item and therefore require immediate repair or replacement. How do we know? Because there are two components – the AC adapter and the MacBook Power Jack. The first part is the real deal, but the jack isn’t. So, what’s the solution?

Can You Fix My Broken Mac Computer Power Jack

For the most part, all you need to do is to take your MacBook into an authorized Apple store (some locations are authorized locally as well) and inquire about a replacement or repair. While you’re at the store, speak with an apple tech and ask about the power jack. Many of them will point you in the direction of the authorized dealer where they get their supplies. From there, it’s easy. You simply plug the new power jack into the MacBook’s port, and your laptop and battery are back in action!

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. If your jack hasn’t arrived with your computer, or if the original jack has simply broken, you’ll need to take matters into your own hands. First things first, you must disconnect the battery. Do this by opening the lid of your laptop and flipping the switch in the top right-hand corner. Once you’re done, unplug the power from the port. In most cases, this is a one-way process, meaning you can safely take your laptop and power it up again!

How Much To Repair Apple Laptop DC Jack in New Jersey

If you still have no luck with this, the next best thing you can do is to contact a professional Apple electrician or certified repair specialist. These individuals are trained to handle all types of electrical repairs, including power issues. They will be able to assess your situation and determine whether you need a new jack or if the damage to your current one is too severe to handle. If the damage is severe enough for a new one to be needed, your repair specialist will be able to order one.

In cases where you do need a new power jack, you’ll want to take a few minutes and review the available options. After all, you don’t want to buy the first power jack that you find online or in a local electronics repair shop. Instead, take some time to compare the different types of power jacks and their prices between various stores. The most important factor that will affect your decision is whether or not the price is right within your budget.

PriceTurn Around Time
Power Jack Repair$199+2 days+

Repair or Replace MacBook Charging Port

When comparing the costs of various power jacks, you should also keep in mind any warranty that applies to the device itself. A good warranty will typically cover any defects for up to one year. If there’s a problem with your MacBook, it’s important that you know if you’ll be covered by the warranty. While most warranties will only apply to major defects, some will extend to minor problems as well. Speak to an authorized Apple dealer about any warranty information that applies to your MacBook. They’ll be able to tell you whether or not you’re eligible for a replacement jack.

Your Macbook Power Jack Repair Service in Brooklyn

One of the final steps of your journey to repair your MacBook involves finding a reliable repair specialist. You should keep in mind the type of problems that you are having with your power jack before you choose a specialist. There are several options available, ranging from simple screw-offs to more complicated services such as a liquid cooling plug. To ensure that you choose a professional that charges reasonable fees and has a high level of expertise, find at least three repair shops in the area. If possible, visit the websites of each to see how long the technicians have been working with similar models of the MacBook and to get an idea of their customer service. Reputable shops will be friendly and helpful without trying to pressure you into buying anything from them.