How to Trade in Macbook Pro Step by Step Guide

The upgrading of gadgets is necessary, and Apple users typically do so with their Apple devices. We’ll tell you all about the options for trading in your laptop right here. An ultimate guide about how to trade in Macbook pro would be explained through this guide. A MacBook Pro’s trade-in value can be examined  by model, processor specs, storage size, condition, and whether store credit or cash is desired. Below I’m gonna share my experience and what you need to do to Sell/Trade-In your MacBook (or any Apple device). The point of this blog to educate people as sometimes, it’s profitable to trade in your tech instead of repairing it (yeap, it costly).

Prepare macbook pro for trade-in:

By following some simple steps you can prepare your macbook pro for trade-in easily.

●       First and foremost, transfer your data to another device for the sake of trade in your mac.

●       Remove your personal information from the old device for trading in your apple.

●       IOS and later users can use Quick start for transferring their data with the help of a serial number. 

●       You can use icloud or itunes for transferring data of IOS 10 or earlier when you enter your apple id.

So, you have done the basic steps to prepare  your macbook pro  for trade-in. Let’s discuss further.

Make a backup:

Factory reset is the first thing I woudl do if I planned to trade in my Macbook Pro. Just make a backup of your phone’s data. You may use Time Machine, the built-in backup feature of your Mac, to automatically back up your personal data. When you have backup data of apple products you would be able to restore it on a new device. You would just need an external storage device for creating backups with Time machine. Time machine is a technique that automatically creates backup on a daily basis. It also creates weekly and monthly backups and deletes older backups as well.

Do factory reset of your macbook pro

When you complete your backup of the device, the next step is to sign out of iCloud and iTunes. Sign out from iMessages and FaceTime as well.Even if you have attached your apple watch with your mac pro just sign off from watch.

Sign out of iCloud

The iCloud account can be signed out of the Settings app. Tap your name at the top of the page and then tap “Sign Out.” Follow the directions to do this. Signing out from all accounts of your old device is vital when you finally decide about shipping your device for the sake of a trade-in Macbook Pro.


You can shut down your Mac by clicking the shutdown button. To restart the Mac, click the on button. After that, press and hold all four keys simultaneously: Option, Command, P, and R. If your Mac appears to restart after holding the keys for about 20 seconds, you can release the keys. This setting is for all Mac devices, no matter its mac mini, macbook air, iPhone or iPad.

Reinstall macOS

Install macOS again on your device, and it will operate like a brand new one. You can reinstall macOS by pressing Shift + Option/Alt + Command R. Reinstalling macOS to your macbook pro trade-in for cash can also help you restore factory settings. Now you are able to trade in your MacBook Pro.

If your Macbook Pro is damaged

There would be many people who investigates about how to trade in Macbook Pro step by step. In this instance, you can start by checking if any service is open to accepting damaged devices. Apple products are very expensive, as we all know. GoRoostr is a website that gives you best rates for your trade in broken Macbook Pro. There is no better place to purchase broken Apple products and phones. For buying back old Apple devices, GoRoostr is the best and most reputable service. You can contact them by mail or call them.

Choose the best trade-in option

In addition to visiting different shops and markets to buy the best thing for ourselves, it is also important to visit to trade in your MacBook Pro. The condition of your device determines whether or not you are able to trade in your Macbook. There are some trade sites that can be utilized for trade in. You can find some links below to help you trade in your device for the best deal. If you’re considering trading in your device, click the links to find out what your options are.


Websites like declutter, swappa, gazelle, trademore, igotoffer, itsworthmore, and buybackworld are the best marketplaces for trading in electronics like the MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and more. Each of them offers Apple device selling services at a cheap fee.

What good trade In service will offer

 Different trade-in service providers offer different facilities to the people who wish to use them. When a customer uses a service, he should consider how it will benefit him. The best trade-in provider is one who provides free shipping, takes damaged items and gives you information about the device.

Apple products are all expensive but trading in your Mac is much more costly. It earns you future credit towards other Apple products. So take advantage of the Apple trade-in program and get a deal for your device.

How much to  trade In MacBook Pro?

There is no doubt that trading a macbook pro depends on its condition, year, and model. With good condition, the 9t05 macbook pro is worth $300 cash on Swappa. Additionally, the 2017 model has a cash value of $300. For models of 2018 there is a cash amount of $400 and for the best condition it is $650. For $750 cash, you can get the 2019 model and for $1000 for the 16-inch version. It could be worth as much as $1510 in the years 2020 and 2021.