Alienware Laptop Repair in Newark, NJ

There’s no doubt that if you own an Alienware notebook, then you’ve probably had it happen to you. Maybe your screen got accidentally shattered or your fan belt started working overtime and melted some of the internal components. If this is what has happened to you, then there’s a good chance that you’re in need of an Alienware Repair in Newark NJ computer technician. Here’s how to find one in your area.

Newark Alienware Laptop Repair

Our Alienware Repair Services

We can help you with:

  • Screen Repair
  • Battery Repair
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Hinge Repair
  • Touchpad Replacement
  • Motherboard Repair
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Hard Drive Upgrade
  • Dent Repair
  • Overheating Fix
  • Power Jack Repair
  • Audio Jack Repair
  • USB Port Repair
  • Water Damage Repair

First, I should probably tell you again not to try to fix anything on your own. While some people feel like they know enough about laptops to be able to fix them on their own, this is rarely the case. Laptop repairs, especially when it comes to an Alienware notebook, can be tricky business. Even if you’re confident in your abilities as a repair man, it just might save you a trip to the repair shop and a few bucks to get it repaired.

Can You Fix My Broken Alienware Computer

So where do you go to find the right guy for the job? Well, the first option that you’ll want to think about is your local computer store. These guys know all about laptops, and they’re usually quite reliable. Unfortunately, you won’t likely find any Alienware Repair in Newark NJ computer stores, because most of these stores have agreements with other laptop manufacturers. So if you’re looking for a particular model, you’re going to have to take it to one of their stores to get it fixed. That means that you’ll probably have to wait for a while before you can actually use your new laptop.

The second option, then, is to head online and look for an independent repair shop. This is the third most popular way to go when looking for an independent repair person. Most independent computer repair shops have websites, and often these websites will list their services for a price. If you live in the area, then this can be a great way to find someone who knows all about laptops and how to fix them.

How Much To Repair Alienware in New Jersey

Once you find one or two repair shops that may have a laptop that you’re interested in, then you can call them up. Most computer repair shops will give you a quote on the cost of fixing your computer within a certain timeframe. Since laptops are fairly expensive, this can be a great way to get a laptop repaired without breaking the bank. Just be sure that you’re dealing with someone who has experience with your specific model and that they’re willing to go through the trouble to help you out.

PriceTurn Around Time
OS Reinstall (w/o HD)$1491 day+
Screen Replacement$150+2h+
Keyboard Replacement$125+1 day+
Hinge Repair$150+3 days+
Motherboard Repair$199+In Store Estimate
Touchpad Replacement$150+4h+
Water Damage Repair$250+1 week+
Battery Replacement$175+1 day + part ordering time
Fan Replacement$125+1 day + part ordering time
Power Jack Repair$149+2 days+
Misc. Repair$99+In Store Estimate

Repair or Replace Alienware Laptop

Once you’ve settled on an independent computer repair person, you should schedule a time to meet with them. Usually, an individual will come out to your home or place of work and give you a free laptop. This will let you test drive their laptop, so if you don’t like it, you can choose not to go through with the sale.

It’s also important to find an expert who uses the proper equipment when handling computers and laptops. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone touching your laptop or Alienware, then make sure to look for another repair person. You don’t want to end up paying more for the laptop repair than what it is worth.

Your Alienware Laptop Repair Service in Newark

Overall, finding a computer repair specialist in Newark NJ is really easy. You can either visit one of the many computer repair shops or talk to an independent laptop repair specialist on the Internet. The important thing is to make sure that you’re dealing with someone who knows what they’re doing so that your laptop is fixed properly and quickly. Once you’re back online or on the road, you should see how quickly you can get your laptop running as good as new again!